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Magnetic Laptop Extender Phone Holder Computer Stand

Magnetic Laptop Extender Phone Holder Computer Stand

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The Magnetic Laptop Extender Phone Holder is a versatile and innovative accessory designed to enhance your laptop experience by providing a convenient way to keep your phone within easy reach while you work or play on your computer. It serves as both a phone holder and a computer stand, offering seamless integration with your laptop setup.

Key Features:

  1. Strong Magnetic Connection: The extender phone holder attaches securely to the side or back of your laptop screen using strong magnets, ensuring your phone stays in place even when you move your laptop.

  2. Universal Compatibility: The holder is designed to accommodate a wide range of smartphone models, making it suitable for both Android and iPhone devices.

  3. Adjustable Angle and Position: The holder's magnetic design allows you to adjust the angle and position of your phone according to your preferences. This ensures a comfortable viewing experience without straining your neck or eyes.

  4. Space-Saving Design: With the phone holder attached to the laptop, you save valuable desk space, helping you maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace.

  5. Sturdy and Durable Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, the extender phone holder is built to be sturdy and durable, providing reliable support for your phone.

  6. Enhanced Multitasking: The phone holder enables you to multitask effectively, allowing you to keep an eye on important notifications, messages, or calls while working on your laptop.

  7. Portable and Lightweight: The lightweight design makes it easy to carry the phone holder wherever you go, making it a practical accessory for on-the-go professionals or students.

  8. Non-Intrusive: The slim profile of the phone holder ensures it doesn't obstruct your laptop's screen or interfere with its normal operation.


  1. Align the magnetic phone holder with the desired location on your laptop's screen.

  2. Gently attach the holder, and it will firmly stick in place due to its strong magnets.

  3. Adjust the phone holder's angle and position to achieve the best viewing experience.

  4. Once attached, you can easily slide your phone in and out of the holder as needed.

Note: Ensure that your laptop has a metal or magnetic surface for the holder to adhere properly. Avoid placing credit cards, hard drives, or any other sensitive items near the magnetic holder.

Enhance your laptop setup with this Magnetic Laptop Extender Phone Holder, and enjoy the convenience of having your phone always within reach while you work, watch videos, or engage in online meetings. It's a great addition for anyone seeking an organized, efficient, and multitasking-friendly workspace.

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